Come On In!


Hey, friend!

I’m seriously SO incredibly excited that you’re here! Like, so excited I can’t even contain it as these keys are clickin’ and clackin’ typing out the words you’re reading! I’ve been wanting a better way to connect with you and after much thought, here we are! I like to imagine that we’re not just faces reading our own glowing screens, but that you’re here and I’m there, face-to-face, sippin’ on sweet tea or rockin’ on a front porch swing. Or maybe laughing away in that cute coffee shop that’s your go-to place for a good iced mocha (extra chocolate!). Or maybe tea and coffee isn’t your thing, but chips and queso is…I’m always down for that, too!

The decision to start a blog was never easy. Do I really have enough to say? Is it meaningful? Is it purposeful? ‘Cause let’s be honest, no one really listens to someone who talks just for the sake of talking. As a busy work-from-home mama myself, I can appreciate the value of some good quiet time! Also, who ISN’T blogging now, amiright? I sat down a while back with a sweet friend at the Society for Creative Founders Conference and we chatted about what a Lettered Grace blog might look like. I was actually shocked at how the list grew and grew – topics I could cover, fun surprises I could give, and how often I could commit to publishing some good material for this growing family and I was surprised that in just a few minutes, we had outlined content for a few months! BOOM! Just like that. And now here we are…me typing and you reading.

So…here goes nothin’, girl.

I’m gonna keep this one short and sweet for now… a teaser post, if you will. Wondering what’s ahead for the Lettered Grace Journal? (Come on – you know I had to call it something cuter than “blog”!) You’ll be able to find everything from behind-the-scenes snippets (including my creative process), highlights from featured clients, sneak peeks at upcoming events, learn-to-letter posts with printable worksheets, some good words for encouragement, and every once in a while you might find a little surprise from me…just because I love ya!

See ya soon!

XO ~ Kelli

  1. Mary Ann Coskery says:

    Looking forward to following along your journey! So proud of you Kelli! So impressed with your talents and tenancity! You make life more beautiful!❤️

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