Styled Shoot | Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island, Georgia


When was the last time you saw some pictures that truly took your breath away? For me, it happens every once in a while – sometimes when I catch a picture of my kids from when they were just wee babes, sometimes it’s an image of somewhere that the handiwork of God seems undeniable like the Grand Canyon, and sometimes it’s the most recent picture of the Bucket List Family swimming with humpback whales. This week, my friend Rebecca Cerasani sent a text letting me know she was sending over some images from her most recent styled shoot – which I had the privilege of contributing to – and to check my inbox.


Obviously, since I couldn’t wait two seconds to check it out, I hopped on my computer and opened her link.

Insert: jaw drop.

Insert: all the heart eye emoji.

Insert: that little emoji face with tears streaming down.

Basically, all the feels, y’all.


Dramatic much? Maybe so. BUT….here’s the thing. I started transitioning the focus of Lettered Grace in 2017 from gift orders and custom wood sign orders to stationery and bridal and event services. The honest truth is that anything I know about using the programs I do or how to letter or anything about running a business has been something I learned since I started Lettered Grace. I don’t have a degree in art or design or business management. (In fact, I don’t have a degree at all!) I’ve had the fortunate blessing of being consistently surrounded by amazing and helpful creatives who are so willing to answer questions or give feedback or coaching opportunities or just some good advice.

All of that to say this: when I decided to focus on stationery and bridal clients, I knew I loved it. I knew I loved creating something lovely to help my sweet clients share their story in a beautiful way. I was also full of doubt. Full of what if’s: What if I’m not good enough? What if I can’t figure it out? What if I fall?

Getting these images back from Rebecca literally brought tears to my eyes. Right there in my kitchen. Browsing through her images and seeing the stationery I created blending in beautifully with her styling and the vision she had…it was like she unknowingly proved to me that I CAN do what I love…and do it well. These images honestly, truly took my breath away.

I originally had a goal for my blog that I would have images scattered throughout each post, but I just couldn’t with these. These need to be seen all together so you can really catch a glimpse of how beautiful they are as a collection. Rebecca Cerasani is incredibly talented, y’all. She’s a spunky, fun ball of happy energy and she’s so much fun to work with! If you’re a bride, book her! If you’re a bride and you’re not local, you’re in luck because destination weddings are her jam, too.

Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island is a stunning, natural backdrop for dreamy photos. It’s not unusual to catch an intimate wedding happening on the shores of this Georgia beach, should you stop for a visit, either. It’s kind of magical, really. I could go on and on, but I really want you to see some of my favorites from Rebecca’s gallery! So here they are! Soak them in in all their gorgeous light and timeless beauty…and let me know if you have to catch your breath, too.




Gorgeous, right?! You can check out Rebecca’s work on her site or social media via the links below. Go show her some love and double-tap those images on Instagram! If you’re a creative, I can’t encourage you enough to connect with people who support and encourage you to create the things you do! Find a local Rising Tide Society | Tuesdays Together group (that’s how I met Becca!) or send a message to someone you admire on social media. Take a minute to gush over someone’s work – tell them they inspire you or make you laugh. Ask them to collaborate with you on a project or a post or a styled shoot. You never know if that person has those same doubts I mentioned earlier. Where they’re questioning, “What if I fall?”… you can be the one that helps them realize they’ve been flying all along.


Stationery & Lettering by Lettered Grace


All Images by Rebecca Cerasani

Instagram: @rebeccacerasani

Facebook: Rebecca Cerasani

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