Homemade Strawberry Bread

It’s strawberry season in Georgia and there’s nothing better than some farm-fresh berries!

Yesterday, I discovered that our favorite local orchard had a Roadside Market pickup option and I jumped on it! I grabbed a flat of freshly picked strawberries for just $20! I would’ve easily paid $4-5 for a pound at the grocery store – IF I could find a store with produce in stock #quarantineprobs – and I got 8lbs of fresh berries from a local farm for $20. I’m still feeling pretty good about this discovery, as you can tell!

Last night, I decided to take the basics of my favorite banana bread recipe and do a test-run on some Strawberry Bread. There’s always that moment where you wonder if it’ll actually work – you know…when the batter is thicker than you think it ought to be, when you’re waiting for the bake to be just right, then the longest 5ish minutes while you wait for it to cool enough to taste it. Just me??

I’m happy to report that it turned out fantastic! It makes for a great breakfast with a cup of hot coffee, a quick snack, and a perfect surprise to gift to a neighbor or friend. I’m already dreaming of different ways to snazz it up a bit – drizzling a sweet glaze over top, dusting with powdered sugar, or maybe adding in chocolate chips. Mmmm.

After sharing an impromptu image of my new favorite strawberry creation, so many of you asked for the recipe and I’m happy to share! You can click the link below to grab the free printable, which includes a 1-2-3 Glaze recipe, too – in case you want to be a little extra.

I’d love to know if you used the recipe and how it turned out! If you share pictures on social media, be sure to tag @letteredgrace or use #letteredgrace so I can see! I hope you enjoy it as much as we have! Enjoy!

Ready? Set….BAKE!

Click this link to download and print the Homemade Strawberry Bread Recipe!

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