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Lettered Grace was born in 2015 when a love for hand lettering inspired me to launch creative projects like small wood signs and handmade prints, transitioning into chalkboard signs, bridal stationery, and custom lettered designs for clients big and small. Through the last few years, a lot has changed. Today, I'm still a sharer of words through writing and art, a speaker, and a moonlighting copywriter...but one thing has remained the same:

My love of lettering, reading and writing, and a desire to encourage and inspire others has always been the heart of Lettered Grace.

I never would've dreamed over 5 years ago that, through Lettered Grace, I'd be where I am today. Having the opportunity to serve women and creatives by offering words that inspire, encourage, and connect through lettering, designs, and writing is more than I ever imagined - I can't begin to express how truly grateful I am! No matter what brought you here, friend, know I couldn't be happier to have you! 

I'm Kelli! I'm so glad you're here.


Passion fuels creativity. Pouring candles, sharing images of the farm or beach, or creating a design that gives back, the variety is a result of being passionate about what I do!



There's story and purpose behind everything created here at Lettered Grace. There's a 100% guarantee every design carries a piece of my heart.


a spoonful of

Thoughtful design and carefully crafted words both create beautiful works of art that spark authentic connection with YOU!  Intentionality is behind all that I do!



I believe there are 3 key ingredients.

WHEN IT COMES TO good words,

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