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If you've ever read a really incredible book and gotten super excited about chatting about it, only to find that no one in your circle has read it...

If you've ever decided to prioritize reading and then spent more time searching for a good book than you actually spent reading one...

If you have enough dust-kissed books in your home to start a library...

If you nodded your head or shouted "YESS!" in agreement to any of those - The Lettered Grace Book Club is for YOU, friend! Let us take the guesswork out of finding faith-based books that inspire intentional living. Your membership provides you with exclusive access to an engaged, encouraging community where you can share your ah-ha moments as you read with the women reading alongside you! No matter what season of life you're in, what your day-to-day schedule looks like, or how big (or small) the town is that you live'll fit right in here!

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Want to grab the book on your own? Want the book mailed straight to your door (with a few extra goodies!)? There's a membership perfect for YOU! Both options include full access to our exclusive online community, virtual coffee dates, and printable reading guide to make it easy peasy to keep up with your reading!



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Depending on your membership - you'll either get the book on your own or via your Book Box (delivered to your front door!). Once you have your book in hand, snuggle up in your favorite reading spot and get ready to connect in the community!


Dive in + Connect

Join the private community and dive on in! Read something that spoke to you? Share it! Ah-ha moment in the middle of the night? Post it! We'll have ongoing, engaging conversation as we work our way through an incredible book! Join in on our virtual coffee dates to chat and see the faces of the other members of your group. The perfect ending for any good read!

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Kyndal a. | Georgia

This is so thought out, purposeful, and displays the heart of the Book Club perfectly! The generosity and intentionality in my first box is unmatched. She has seriously thought it all through so you can enjoy reading and connecting without all the coordinating and planning!

"this is something
really special"

Laura M | illinois

I was a little skeptical when I signed up for the Premium Book Box because I am a digital book girl - all the way! - and I just have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed it! The draw for me is Kelli picking a book that she's read, knows is good, sending it to me, and telling me we'll read it together. I love that the book is picked for me and shows up at my door - with goodies! - and I can just read and enjoy it!

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Doors open for new members on March 1st, June 1st, September 1st, and December 1st. Premium Memberships are available until the 15th of that month and All Access Memberships are available until the last day of that month. Beginning December 1st, 2019, we will only be offering quarterly memberships.

Yes! The Lettered Grace Book Club is a membership community! Friends are welcome to follow along for some updates and fun on Instagram on the @acozychair feed, but the good convos, book discussions, free printables, and virtual coffee dates will only be available to our members via the private, online community!

Yes! The ultimate goal of the Lettered Grace Book Club is to foster community and cultivate relationships. We believe that by committing to three months together, this will be a better catalyst for doing both!

There are two options for our quarterly memberships: the All-Access Membership ($80) and the Premium Membership ($150). Both options include access to our private community, free printable reading plan, exclusive content, and an invitation to our monthly virtual coffee date via the free Zoom app. The only difference between the two membership options are that members who purchase the All-Access Membership will provide their own book (physical, audio, or digital) and Premium Members will receive the physical book - along with other fun goodies! - mailed to their door. Easy peasy!

We believe the value and experience offered to our members is truly incredible! Connecting you with good books is just a foundation for the community we've created. Our greatest hope is that not only will you discover new books by amazing authors, but that you'll also be inspired to live an intentional life of deeper faith and friendships by being an active member in the Lettered Grace Book Club! Because we are confident in this foundation, there are currently no discounts, coupons, or sales available. The Quarterly Membership options will be available ONLY during the month prior to the new quarter: December (for January-March), March (for April-June), June (for July-September), and September (for October-December).

Will I know the book before I join?

The Books

You betcha! We'll announce which books we have planned in plenty of time for you know all you can before joining as a member! You can find them listed on our website as well as via announcements via our social media pages.

What kind of books will we read?

The goal is to read books that truly reinforce what the very heart of Lettered Grace is: creating a life you love, living intentionally, and building a legacy of faith, family, and home! You can expect books written by authors with a foundation in Christ who encourage intentional living, growing your faith, and challenge you to be all you are created to be through knowing Christ and connecting with others!


We'll give you all the info possible about the books in advance and strongly encourage you to read any descriptions, reviews, or other information available to determine whether or not the books for that quarter are ones that sound interesting to you! All of our books are hand-picked and we're confident that our book choices will encourage and challenge you to live intentionally and to grow in both your relationships and your faith. Please keep in mind that there are no refunds, exchanges, or transfers of membership, so be sure to join during months that the books look like ones you can't wait to dive into!

the buzz in our community


As an introvert, I feel overwhelmed with being apart of too many groups, especially on social media platforms. I love that there is freedom to chime in when you can and no pressure if you don’t want to.
My favorite detail is the accountability that comes with this book club, an encouraging way for me to finish a book! It’s nice having Kelli motivate us each week with accountability on reading, and asking questions to keep us on track with applying what we are reading. It’s also helpful to read what others are learning, and to glean from them too. I’ve gained the importance of taking time for myself by participating in the LG Book Club. It’s made me sit down to read, to soul search, and to connect beyond my inner circle; things that I wasn’t taking initiative to do before I joined!
Kyndal A | Georgia

I was surprised that I'd like the book box! I'm not a "real book" kind of person. I am ebooks 1000%. But I really enjoyed highlighting in the book. I felt like that was easier for me to then follow up with specific things I enjoyed or thoughts that I had.  The Book Box was also a really great package! It just felt like a warm present to open much more personal than ordering from Amazon! I felt like this book had been chosen with love just for me!
Laura M | Illinois

I joined, because I have always been a reader and used it as my quiet time. I stopped doing that as much after I had my son and then kept a library full of books, but never really picked them back up again. It has been SO NICE to jump back in and to something so rewarding and needed in my current season.
I've already told several of my book-loving friends about this, because I want ALL of them to join!!! I've told them that Kelli is simply amazing, encouraging, loving, caring and truly wants to see sunshine in your life! This is a community of women that are SO compassionate, CARE about you and LOVE you beyond anything I have ever experienced.
Jacqueline S | Texas

I loved being a part of the Lettered Grace Book Club from the very beginning! The detail that went into everything - from the welcoming Book Box that I received to the guidance and leadership Kelli brought to the community group throughout the month - was perfect and spoke deeply of the intentionality that she brings to everything she does. As a mom of two littles and creative entrepreneur, I love to read but often find myself struggling to finish a book with all the other demands on my time. I loved the accountability that the Lettered Grace Book Club brought and that I was able to FINISH a book within a month's time! Not only finishing but the online community and discussions among my new found friends brought many other points of view that I hadn't considered within my own reading.  
Sarah | Texas

I love the Premium/Book Box Membership! First, I LOVE getting gifts in the mail and the way this is presented, it makes you feel so special and included. Life is just so busy sometimes, but I value the idea of having a group to read a book with and being able to discuss it no matter where we are. As an introvert, groups can be so intimidating, but the virtual coffee date is a great balance of socializing but from the comfort of home. The accountability is a major thing for me because I’m good at putting things off until “tomorrow”. 
I would suggest anyone of my friends go for this for many reasons. I love the fact that you have so many people from so many walks of life and the perspectives of each person give me a chance to look at what I read a bit differently. Also, I’ve been meaning to step out of my comfort zone with books, and this gives me an opportunity to do that with books that can be applicable to different facets of my life. 
Amanda | Georgia

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