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ready for your copy to resonate with the heart behind the magic you're making?

As a Creativepreneur, designing and crafting incredible things is your ultimate superpower. For some reason though, when it's time to write freeze. Too salesy? Too wordy? Is it spelled right?
Does it even make sense?! Captions, emails, listings, and that ever-daunting About page sure seem like
a lot to tackle when you need a boost in your copy confidence!

It's no secret that pairing intentionally crafted words with your products and services makes a huge difference when it comes to connecting with your audience. Nailing your website copy can leave a potential client confused or connected, curated images are just a quilt of pretty squares on your feed if they aren't accompanied by captivating captions, and an email can read a lot like an infomercial if your voice isn't infused throughout. Feeling frustrated? Overwhelmed a bit? I've been there, too!

Don't waste another moment of your day staring at a blank text box on your About page, a long-winded social media caption, or whispering a prayer that this blog post will be the one to get their attention. Grab yourself a spot in the Lettered Grace Writes family and let's celebrate as you attract and connect with the audience you're longing to serve!

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If your business and needs are a good fit for the services we offer, you'll receive a Copywriting Services Guide to choose a package that suits your budget and your business goals!




We'll schedule an audio or video call (via Zoom) and chat about the important things: your business, your brand, your audience, your goals, etc.

I'll get to work, creating a plan of action for your copy (including a timeline) for the services you selected.



You've got everything you need to plug your words in to your website, social media,
blog, and email!

Look at you! With your copy taken care of, you're free to create more of the awesomeness you're putting out in the world! Copy Confidence sure looks good on you, friend!

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"my experience with her was pure gold."

Sarah | belovedpaper

I wanted to be sure what I was trying to communicate was clear and understandable to my client; I wanted a fresh set of eyes for clarity. Kelli was direct in things that needed to be changed and reworded, but our conversation and coaching call were like sitting down with a friend over coffee. I would definitely recommend Kelli for copywriting and editing. My session with her was very helpful and made me feel at ease with the process. I'll be reaching out to her again in the future as my experience with her was pure gold!

"it was a breath of fresh air - authentic to my voice and brand"

rebekah | doodles by rebekah

I didn't know how to make the words flow, put them in context, and sound professional all at the same time. She knew exactly what I was going for and it sounded authentic, not stuffy. She took the words out of my brain and put them together so effortlessly - I was amazed! After reading what Kelli created, I was relieved! It was a breath of fresh air - authentic to my voice and brand. The help she gave when drafting an important email was exactly what I needed and I know that other creatives will benefit from this service!

"she has a way of taking the jumbled words and returning them with grace & professionalism"

Leigh | Leigh Wolfe Photography

I was frustrated and trying to get my message across in a way that felt personal and professional at the same time. Working with Kelli was a breeze and gave me the hope I needed! The end result was a message that was clear and she helped me handle a hard conversation professionally instead of emotionally. I would absolutely encourage other creative entrepreneurs to work with Kelli for their copywriting and editing! She has way of taking all the jumbled up words and feelings and returning them with grace and professionalism. I know we'll work together again!

"she created the perfect copy that sounded just like me - with my heart - and was eloquently written"

chloe | English tea paperie

I knew what I wanted to say, I just couldn't put it into words. Kelli was patient, kind, and really listened to what I wanted to share. She created the perfect copy that sounded just like me, with my heart, and was eloquently written. I would absolutely recommend Copy Coaching for any creative entrepreneur - Kelli has a gift for words!

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