a few of my favorite things

Just like any good friend, I LOVE sharing my favorite things! Whether it's cleaning supplies, my recent Starbucks order, a good book, insta-friend, or a recipe the kids devoured, you'll find my favorite things here...links included!

20 minutes can change your heart

grab a bible
reading plan

they're everywhere! find one that resonates with the season you're in

Choose a
quiet place

create a space where you can clear your mind and ready your heart

Read , Pray,
& listen

read the Word, pray what's on your heart, & listen for His voice

Journal Your thoughts

tracking our prayer & praise reminds us He is faithful in all seasons

Grab a free "Read with me" bible reading plan here!

my go-to tools to make biz-hood a bit easier

First up: Creative Founders. The Conference experience (that literally changed my life) is designed to equip you with the pillars you need to start, grow, and love your creative business. Can't make it to an in-person event? No worries! Join the online community, get lost in the resource library, and watch your creative community swell as you lock arms with new business besties. Game. Changer.

If you've been searching for a client management system or wanting to streamline and automate your email threads...Honeybook is where it's at, friend! I've been a member since 2016 and I've never regretted jumping on board. Create gorgeous, branded emails, send proposals, contracts, and set up payment plans for clients. Basically, everything you've always wanted. *Use the affiliate link below to save 50%!

ShowIt 5 is HANDS DOWN the BEST hosting site in the history of FOREVER. Drag & drop your way to a stunning website, no coding or special degrees needed. And all the people said, "Amen."

Honesty hour: for me, legal jargon is basically like Dory speaking whale...it's not something I understand real easily. Luckily for us creatives, The Contract Shop has us covered! With contracts for just about any creative biz you can think of, you can grab and use a legit contract before hitting "send" on your next proposal. They're the only ones I use! (This is an affiliate link)

Marie Kondo hasn't shown up at my door to make me declutter my bookshelves yet, so I'm not letting any go. But I WILL give you an affiliate link to check out some of my favorite reads on Amazon. Use that 2-day shipping and you'll be reading by the weekend!

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