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HEAR FROM the creatives WE SERVE

caleb peavy | Founder of Unmutable tm

Kelli's lettering is amazing but the best part is working with her as someone who "gets it." She communicates well, hits deadlines and is an absolute pleasure.

michelle harris  | 30A Locals guide

Someone like Kelli is rare to find nowadays. She is both a dear friend of mine and has helped me with various projects. Her support and talents of hand lettering paired with graphic design are truly awesome! My new logo she created is perfect and really represents my brand the way I envisioned it. She listens to your ideas and she delivers! 30A loves Kelli's work!

Ashley Cochrane | Crowned For Ashes Corp

Of course, I love Kelli's style, but more than anything - her sweet soul. Every single thing that touches our mission at Crowned for Ashes, we long to be of pure and aligned heart, and there was no doubt we had that with her. From start to finish, it was perfect! We are in love with our designs and it's always a joy to work and talk with Kelli!

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copy that connects for creative entrepreneurs

HEAR FROM the creatives WE SERVE

sarah coats | @belovedpaper

I wanted to be sure what I was trying to communicate was clear and understandable to my client; I wanted a fresh set of eyes for clarity. Kelli was direct in things that needed to be changed and reworded, but our conversation and coaching call were like sitting down with a friend over coffee. I would definitely recommend Kelli for copywriting and editing. My session with her was very helpful and made me feel at ease with the process. I'll be reaching out to her again in the future as my experience with her was pure gold!

rebekah ison | @doodlesbyrebekah

I didn't know how to make the words flow, put them in context, and sound professional all at the same time. She knew exactly what I was going for and it sounded authentic, not stuffy. She took the words out of my brain and put them together so effortlessly - I was amazed! After reading what Kelli created, I was relieved! It was a breath of fresh air - authentic to my voice and brand. The help she gave when drafting an important email was exactly what I needed and I know that other creatives will benefit from this service!

Chloe Minyon | @englishteapaperie

I knew what I wanted to say, I just couldn't put it into words. Kelli was patient, kind, and really listened to what I wanted to share. She created the perfect copy that sounded just like me, with my heart, and was eloquently written. I would absolutely recommend her copywriting for any creative entrepreneur - Kelli has a gift for words!

leigh wolfe | @leighwolfephotos

I was frustrated and trying to get my message across in a way that felt personal and professional. Working with Kelli was a breeze and gave me the hope I needed! The end result was a message that was clear and I would absolutely encourage other creative entrepreneurs to work with Kelli for their copywriting and editing! She has way of taking all the jumbled up words and feelings and returning them with grace and professionalism. I know we'll work together again!

Heather o'brien | @heatherobriendesign

Before I hired Kelli, I didn't even know where to start! I was afraid I wouldn't find the right words to set me apart in my industry. I was ready for Kelli to work her magic! Now, I'm confident in launching my new site into the world! My favorite part of the whole experience was how well Kelli took my ideas and personality and brought them to life!

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